Central New Jersey
Treating those afflicted with alcoholism is a trying disease that afflicts millions of Americans in debilitating and devastating ways – both physically and mentally. Significant alcohol intake produces changes in the brain’s structure and chemistry, though some alterations occur with minimal use of alcohol over a short term period, such as tolerance and physical dependence. These changes take intense treatment to overcome, and for those organizations providing the tools of rehabilitation, designing the proper facility can make the difference in helping patients overcome the obstacles to a healthier life.

Our team was tapped to do a fit study to fit a 150 patient facility for one of commercial tenants. Taking careful consideration of the operational logistics was crucial to understand the treatment and recovery process. Using current federal and state standards, our studio team laid out a treatment center for 150 patients suffering from different severity levels of alcoholism. Many components – security, screening, testing, physical therapy, detoxification, etc – of the facility were coordinated to ensure a the safety of the staff and clients in a healthy and stable enviornment