McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey
This 6,000 square foot addition to the crash vehicle maintenance building at McGuire AFB was designed years ago by Joel Ives, AIA as a non-combustible structure to service apron-side vehicles.  Early in his career Joel Ives worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers and developed an expertise designing structures on military bases. It has led to many similar projects performed by Ives companies  over the years. While special design considerations were made to satisfy structural requirements for excessive floor loads, there were also aesthetic requirements addressed. The architectural style of the facility was maintained with the design of the addition as well as with the renovation of the adjacent fire station. The scope of work also included site issues such as the expansion of the concrete roadway from the building, construction of a bituminous roadway, and removal and replacement of the POL lines. Recently due to a Department of Defense (DoD) initiative, McGuire will be the lead service in the first tri-service Joint super-base, combining its infrastructure support with the support of Fort Dix (Army) and Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst (Navy).