Metairie, Louisiana
The Ives Group, Architects/Planners founded by Joel Ives, AIA and Michael Callori of Callori Architects, were selected to design and expand a New Orleans suburban congregation that traces its origins to the Civil War. In developing the solution, new elements were designed to blend with existing ones so that the entire project “feels” complete and homogeneous. The site plan was reorganized so the building entry now faces the parking lot where everyone arrives rather than the public street as in the original building. The new school and office elements were incorporated into the fabric of the design so that the school wing faced the playground and the office wing over-sees the entry and parking lot.

The interior program expanded and redesigned the Sanctuary, Social Hall, Offices and Educational Wing. Working closely with the Congregation and its Interior Design Committee, as well as outside artisans, the interior design program resulted in a completely revamped system that meets the congregations current and future needs. Materials were carefully chosen for their beauty and durability, recognizing that the congregation does not have full-time maintenance or the desire to constantly deal with maintenance issues.

Download PDF Datasheet – Interior

Download PDF Datasheet