The Ives Group team was the prime professional for this new station, influenced by the preference of the community to have a traditional design as the center piece of their town and, by the required provisions of ADA. Our staff and engineer team designed the needed repairs and extensions to the platforms and canopies. Two new elevators were provided to allow for complete accessibility. The project required community interaction with State agencies and NJT.  A new downtown plaza was generated with a clock tower as a focal point that was inspired by the historic Radburn Building in Fair Lawn where our office was located. Our design staff conceived the station design when we discovered an abandoned baggage tunnel that was used early in the 20th century to deliver newspapers. Joel Ives petitioned NJT to change the program and connect the two sides of the station through the tunnel. This change in the program was approved by New Jersey Transit and transformed pedestrian traffic in downtown Rahway and improved  city planning.

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