Paramus, New Jersey

A worldwide investment company seeking a flagship headquarters, retained the Ives Architecture Studio to develop a dedicated building to house their operations.  Based in Paramus, NJ, the owner sourced a very secluded site on the line between a commercial district and a residential neighborhood.  The site was tangled with zoning restrictions and stipulations that any building must be residential in nature.  Joel Ives was able to help the owner navigate a difficult and arduous process of having the building re-evaluated by the municipality and approved for more modern and appealing aesthetics.  Given that the flag-lot shaped site faced a few obstacles of traffic and storm water control, the remaining area left to actually build a building was quite small.

Project Designer Tony Kowidge, charged with designing for a client desiring a virtually maintenance free building, fist took the approach of making the compact building blend contextually to its surroundings by using refined residential style materials yet in a modernistic form of massing the building.  Anchoring the building with a brick base and book-end style stair towers, the three story building is accentuated by ribbon style picture windows by Marvin and punctuated by wrap around box framing to give depth to the façade.  All of the soffits were trimmed with a warm faux wood aluminum trim The south facing facades also incorporate sun shades.  The entry is noted by its glass storefront which highlights a double height lobby on the upper floors.  Due to the space constraints of the site, the monumental stair serves double duty as the egress stair, made possible by utilizing large panes of fire rated glass.  The folded steel plate risers and cast stone steps are framed by glass and steel railings.  The welcoming lobby is a unique perfect circle with wood paneling and a terrazzo tile floor.   The interior offices were united with continuous recessed linear lighting and glass partitions.

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