UAI-IVES Architecture Group design proposal for waterfront development

The joint venture UAI-IVES Architecture Group worked together to design a housing development on a challenging hillside site, to take advantage of commanding views of the Hudson River. Working on the premise of achieving a successful integration into the surrounding neighborhood, a complex layering of mixed use programs comes to life on the three street fronts. There are multiple sizes of retail and commercial use, as well as two entrances for internal parking. A colorful and segmented façade seeks to bring forth a progressive design, yet respectfully mimic and tie into the historic downtown neighborhood.

Residential units are diverse from studio units to three bedroom units, evenly and uniquely laid out to maximized light and air and scenic views. Each level has access to an interconnected public roof terrace system, with green plantings and trees, seating areas and a shade providing trellises. Internal systems are offset with efficient mechanical systems and a sizable solar array on the highest roof level. The footprint of the building allowed for substantial parking to be internalized, hidden from the street, to further connect the building to its surroundings.

A park at the end of the site incorporates a historic retaining wall, while creating pathways within a greenspace intended for public use. Its placement allows for the visual continuation of the downtown’s main street connection to the Hudson River and the lively waterfront. Included in the scope of work was the restoration of an adjacent historic 1835 church and 1890’s men’s club building.

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