The Ives Architecture Studio often prepares conceptual studies for our clients who are seeking the “highest and best” use of their property or, they require further information showing the potential of a property that they are contemplating buying.

The Ives team has designed numerous zoning and design studies to help our clients make major decisions to move ahead on a project or walk away.  This townhouse project combines two parcels of land to create a development that complies with zoning requirements and creates fifty residential units in a market that is calling out for more housing.  In order to comply with zoning we have provided two car garages and have sufficient clearances between the new construction and neighboring properties so that the development will be welcomed by the community.

Our office philosophy is to expand the program to what makes sense for our developer clients but at the same time our designs respect the surrounding community and are approvable zoning concepts so that few or no “variances” are required. As can be seen on this project, we rely on three-dimensional drawings to help convey our ideas.

Broadway-Model05-view 1

Full site plan


Typical Facade layouts

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The Ives Architecture Studio (TIAS), based in Fair Lawn, NJ, has over 30 years experience in the disciplines of architecture, interior design & planning.

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