New Jersey Downtown Development

The Ives Architecture Studio Team was approached by a prominent developer recently to help them develop a downtown redevelopment proposal for a small New Jersey Town.  The municipality, located relatively near a NYC commuter train, is looking to increase its population and tax base while creating business and economic opportunities to enliven its main street.  The developer asked us to develop a three phase proposal, the first of which would create 200 units of market rate housing, nearly 10,000 sf of commercial and office space, atop a private, public, and reserved municipal parking garage.   The second phase would mirror the first phase while creating a new municipal government center.  The final phase would culminate in constructing over 50 units of affordable housing.

Our design team, strived to be cognizant of the size and context of the neighborhood and came up with an aesthetically pleasing pallet of materials that blend into the neighborhood while creating a fresh contemporary feel at the street level.   Using our presentation plans, traffic and layout configurations, the developer is in talks with the municipal government to see how this plan can be incorporated into their master plan.  We hope to see the project move into design development in the near future.

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